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Electrical systems are made to be resilient and durable but they’re not infallible. Changing weather conditions, age, natural deterioration of the material, and even the electricity running through the system can cause damage over time. The best way to delay this damage and extend the lifespan of your electrical system is to hire a skilled local Gosford electrician to take care of the system. A trustworthy electrician based in Gosford and working Central Coast areas will help you maintain your electrical system, respond promptly to urgent calls, and perform efficient installations.

At AB Electrical Services, we have a team of experienced and qualified electricians ready to help you with all kinds of electrical problems.

Services We Offer in Gosford & Central Coast

  • Residential Electricial Services – We’re familiar with residential electrical systems and have conducted several repairs and maintenance in these properties in our lifetime. We know what kind of wires to use, which PowerPoint and wire to install for a particular appliance, and have experience with the best products in the business.
  • Commercial Electrical Services – Commercial electrical systems are distinctly different compared to residential systems. Commercial properties often have heavy machinery and use different kind and voltage of the electrical supply. They also endure more wear and tear in the commercial environment.
  • Lighting – A well-lit atmosphere is essential for both residential and commercial properties. If your working or living environment is dimly lit, you’ll face a number of health problems. We have experience with installing lighting systems, planning their placement, finding the right products, and replacing any damaged lights. We’ll make sure you have the best lighting on your property.
  • CCTV Security Systems – CCTV cameras are the best way to increase the security of your property. They will catch a visual of intruders and help the authorities catch them promptly. CCTV systems also act as an active deterrent to intruders are less likely to invade your home if you have this security system at him. We’ll recommend good products and carry out the efficient installation. Our electricians can also handle repairs and maintenance after the installation.
  • Switch Board Repairs and Replacement – Switchboards are responsible for distributing electricity throughout your commercial or residential property. They’re also referred to as fuse boxes and without them, you can’t have a good power supply. These boards are an essential safety measure because the switches will trip automatically if there’s an overload. This helps prevent any damage to the appliance and ensures there are no fires and other such disasters. Our electricians can install new switchboards, replace old ones, or repair malfunctioning ones.
  • Smoke Alarms and Installation – Most people forget about smoke alarms and don’t maintain them as well as they should. That can have disastrous consequences in the event of a fire. Our electricians can help maintain your smoke alarm to ensure it always functions well. They’ll repair it if it stops working or installs a new one if it needs to be replaced. They’re also familiar with different kinds of smoke alarms available in the market and will install the right one in your home.
  • Intruder Alarms – CCTVs help catch the culprits but intruder alarms provide a more direct intervention and will immediately call the attention of local authorities and neighbors. We can install sophisticated and modern intruder alarms to keep criminal elements at bay or scare them away. We will recommend products that have proven their worth in real-life circumstances and install intruder alarms that will respond to intrusion as you expect it to.
  • Surge Protector and Power Board Installation – Modern appliances are delicate and can be damaged by an unexpected surge in power. We install surge protectors and power boards to ensure your appliances receive a steady and constant supply of power.
  • PowerPoints – Power points are electrical fixtures where you plug your device or appliances in. They come with different capacities, styles, and configurations. We’ll determine what you need in order to run a device and appliance safely and install these power points at convenient locations.
  • Electrical Fault Finding – If your wiring or electrical fixtures aren’t functioning well, we’ll determine the true cause and origin of the fault and fix it promptly.

Emergency Repairs and Maintenance Central Coast

Electrician SydneyIt’s never a good idea to delay emergency electrical repairs, which is why we make it a point to respond quickly no matter when you call. We have a dedicated Gosford & Central Coast emergency electrician crew line that you can call whenever you have an emergeny electrical problem. Our customer service Central Coast technician will ask you a series of questions regarding the problem to determine the cause. While they’re speaking with you, they’ll arrange for the electrician to visit your property promptly.

They’ll pass on all the information they get from the call to the technician to ensure they have the right tools and equipment needed to deal with the problem. Our trained and certified technicians will then assess the problem, provide you with a quote and report before they proceed with the repairs.

If you want to know more about our services here at AB Electrical Services, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through our online contact form. If you have an emergency in Gosford or anywhere in the Central Coast, we have a solution!

This is what our customers say about us…

Thank you for doing the work on time, which keeps me on schedule with the rest of the work that needs to be carried out.

Ben & Lisa - Campbelltown

AB Electrical Services did a complete rewire on our property. We were well pleased with the outcome on all counts, price was reasonable and work was completed to a high standard. We will definitely use AB Electrical Services for any future electrical work. Thanks again.

George H - Katoomba

A great team of electricians, who came and quoted for the rewire the next day and then scheduled me in for the following week. Arrived on time, did the work and tidied up, all for a very competitive price.

Ian Chou- Avoca Beach

I just want to say a big thank you to you all for the amazing job you did, quick and very professional job and you cleaned up after yourselves brilliant to, would definitely use you again and will recommend you to all my friends and family thank you all once again.

Mark & Pam - Castle Hill

I would like to thank you and your team for your prompt and efficient service when you came out after an Emergency Call to check over our electrical systems. You were prompt and arrived at the time you said and caused no mess or disruption while at the house. We would recommend your company to anyone who needs a competent electrician.

Harry Clare - Minto

I would highly recommend AB Electrical Services to anyone looking for work to be carried out. Excellent quote given, work started and completed on time to an excellent standard and totally trustworthy.

Fred & Mary - Gosford

Thanks for a reliable and trustworthy service. Arrived on time, provided valuable advice at every stage and dealt with everything on my behalf to get the job done the same day. Would use again in the future without hesitation and recommend to friends and family.

Albert G - Casula

Thanks again to AB Electrical Services for the high standard of workmanship and attention to detail. It was quite complicated but you made it look easy.

Alan A - Penrith

I have just had some work done by AB Electrical Services, i want to thank the two electricians who did the job for their good clean work and their politeness. I would most happily recommend your company to other people. Thanking you once again.

Michael O - Wyong

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